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Physical Model - Operative principle

The heating membrane is made of a very thin carbon-plastic composite material; the heat is generated similarly to the fundamental principle behind the heating of solid bodies when current flows.

The carbon-plastic composite material is electrically conductible and the electrons are accelerated through the electrical field toward the field lines.

comparison chart
Conventionel radiant panel heating vs. aelectra heating system


On their way through the metal, the electrons impact elastically with other electrons and photons. The energy transferred during these impacts leads to a greater natural oscillation and increases the amount of heat that is generated.


Technical Data Sheet 24V – 60W

Technical Data Sheet 24V – 110W

Technical Data Sheet 24V – 220W

Technical Data Sheet 36 V – 60 W

Technical Data Sheet 36V – 110W

Technical Data Sheet 36V – 220W

Functional principles

aelectra® Composite film is a thin, closed fibre-reinforced PET membrane with incorporated copper contracts. Thanks to the homogenous and dense network structure of the conductible fibres, the heat generation is evenly distributed and the material is resistant to damage.

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