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Cosy warmth, excellent indoor climates, and if necessary unbeatably quick to respond to demand, low consumption overall while saving real space. Are you seeking fast and competent advice about the best system solution? We offer the following services:

Energy suppliers

We will help you to develop a business model for the housing industry and also for end customers a.m.m.

Engineering office, project developer, restorations…

Whether you are working on new objects or restoring old buildings, be they commercial or industrial, we will offer you the support you need to ensure that the heating system is dimensioned perfectly. We supply pre-configured products to your building site, we recommend specially trained craftsmen, we train your craftsmen if necessary.


We will carry out research for you in cooperation with the University of Applied Science (HTW Berlin), the Fraunhofer Institute and many others. We are happy to evaluate whether we can integrate your particular research issue. We will be happy to inform you about the latest research findings.


Turnaround in energy policy / Energy consulting

Are you planning a self-sufficient building? We will be happy to advise you about suitable photovoltaic, storage and consumer components.

Private customers

We offer you a customised service. We calculate the required heating output, we draft the installation plan for you, we produce components to meet the level of convenience you require, if desired a fully digitalized system with local area network control system access.

We put together the system components and deliver them to you or the building site in a pre-mounted state. We can also recommend specially trained craftsmen who will certify the installation for you and carry out any work requiring a warranty.


We will train your sales staff, put you in touch with specially trained craftsmen, and deliver the various system components.