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Smart, efficient, economical and environmental friendly – That is aelectra® The heating membrane is made of a unique, very thin, carbon-plastic composite material; turning low voltage electrical power into heat with unrevaled effectiveness.

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aelectra® is safe and simple to handle. Simple because of the convenient handling right of the roll of aelectra® membrane. Safe because of the intended lay out in low voltage mode. The application of aelectra® has almost no boundaries.

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Heating with electrical power as a contribution to the climate conservation? Definately so! 100% CO2 free, local, flexible, self sufficient and sustainable with a good conscience. aelectra® is the heating application of the 21. century.

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aelectra® is the solution! The application provides cosy warmth, superior room climate, unparalled short reaction time, individually and digitally controllable, low on consumption, reliable, durable and helps to gain real space in any four walls.

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